Two united tokens came to make history.

The two tokens, already both legendary, decided to merge for those who, for whatever reason, did not become members of both communities. Yes, perhaps they compete with each other, but not in this case.

Don't miss the chance of such a significant event.







Contract Adress: 0x7e794ed35788b698ae60cefc98ee48015c4876da

Contract Adress:


Shintama, a DeFi project launched after the success of Shinja and Saitama in the DeFi space, has grand plans to build a bridge between everyday internet users and the Defi world in a safe, simple and accessible way.  

Shintama's cutting edge use case will grow naturally in the DeFi space. It boasts a modern and sleek browser built from the ground up to be completely compatible with DeFi. The features will include:

- Built in EVM compatible wallet. This will feature multi-chain compatibility as well as NFT storage. The wallet will load when the browser is launched and login credentials have been entered.

- Built in decentralized exchange with connections to all major chains to make your trading lives easier!

- Built in cross chain NFT rewards and staking platform accompanied by an NFT gallery. Users can access dozens of NFT projects and filter searches by art style, creator, and project. Access to staking pools and NFT peer to peer loans will be a major innovation in this space.

- Built in A.I Scam detector, contract checker, malicious code analyzation and high security thresholds for the sites you visit and connect to. All in an effort to guarantee the security of your funds.

- While browsing you will be able to customize what services and advertisements you receive, you will also be rewarded for spending time clicking on custom ads, similar to Brave Browser.

- NFT API protocol for developers and artists to tailor a unique web 3.0 experience for their community. Creators and artists can store data related to their projects as well as link their NFT metadata to our API protocol which will enable them to easily migrate their projects to major Marketplaces such as OpenSea. License rights and legal contracts embedded into the very structure of NFTs and their behavior ensure that any transfer of ownership is properly managed on-chain, where both buyer and seller know exactly what the agreed arrangement is. As in real life, there can be multiple types and levels of license rights for a single NFT item, as well as different behavior models of these NFTs. Utilizing the next generation of NFTs, Web3 applications can access additional metadata and implement proper behavior for NFTs or give users proper permissions based on on-chain data.

- All features will seamlessly function across Laptop, Phone and Tablet browsers. (Android and IOS supported) Shintama is far from another project for developers to raise funding for their ideas. It is a community driven project where the evolving community will have a big say on the final product. Bringing together two amazing communities for collaboration and the greater good, the Shintama team has given many incentives executing on feedback from the community and running giveaways on a daily basis.

Two Titans with the same goal: To see the evolution of finance, sovereignty and currency reside in the power of the people. There
is one thing standing in the way of this: communities unwilling to work outside of their siloed walls.

Shintama is the solution.

Find out more about the details of the project.

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